1. Import: Currier, L.C, Direct Purchase, Into Bond

  2. Export

Involved Industrial Parties

  1. Meghna Innova Rubber Industries

  2. Abrar Steel Industries

  3. Uniglory Wheels Ltd.

  4. Transworld Bicycle Industries

  5. Mahin Cycle Industries

  6. Uniglory Cycle Industries

  7. Uniglory Paper & Packaging

  8. Uniglory Accessories Ltd.

Involved Commercial Parties

  1. Khan Traders (Nowabpur Road)

  2. Concept Cycling (Gulshan-1)

  3. Multimode (Sonergoan Road, Karwan Bazar)

  4. SM International (Elephant Road)

  5. Techone Global(Rupayan Tower, Gulshan-1)

  6. AJ Worldwide International (Hashem Tower, Tejgaon Link Road, Gulshan-1)

Our Facilities / Characteristics

Experienced & Industrious Team

We have a Team of Dynamic members


We give Transportation facilities under our own Liabilities

Money Transaction

We do money Transaction under our own Liabilities


Internate, E-mail Opportunities


Short term Warehouse Facilities


Competitive Rate


Experience of large volume Delivery

Smoothly Delivery

Due to currier-2 Days, Direct Purchase & LC, 2-3 Days


Into Bond, 2 Days