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Others Tourist Spots

Mujibnagar Memorial

Located at a distance of about 7km. from the town of Meherpur. First provisional revolutionary Government of Bangladesh was declared here on the 14 April during the liberation war in 1971. A monument has been built to commemorate this historical occasion.

Mujibnagar MemorialBangabandhu Bridge

Bangabandhu Bridge

A milestone in the history of modern development of Bangladesh. It is the single largest projects Bangladesh has ever implemented. The bridge was constructed on the river Jamuna connecting east and north-western region on the country. The 4.8 km. long bridge was constructed at a cost of US $ 950 million thus creating an uninterrupted surface transport facility from Teknaf, southernmost tip of Bangladesh of Tetulia, the northern tip of Bangladesh. Construction of this bridge ushered in a new vista to national integration, economic rejuvenation of the northern region, specially tourism development of the country. The Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Authority (JMBA) has a plan to build an international resort on the eastern side of the bridge by turning surplus infrastructure and constructing new ones and recreational facilities.

Sri Chaitanya Temple

About 500 years old famous temple of Sri Chaitannya Dev is located at Dhaka Dakhin nearly 45 km. south-east from Sylhet town. The place is revered for being the ancestral home of the famous vaishnava saint. Yearly fair is organized on the fullmoon day of the Bangal month Falgun. Hundreds and thousands of devotees from home and abroad attend this colourful fair.


Is the place where innumerable boyhood memories of our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam are found around. It is situated 20 km. away from Mymensingha town. Nazrul was a student of Darimpur High School under Trisal police Station. Here a Cultural Organization styled as Nazrul Academy has established in memory of the great poet. Rebel poet Kazi Nazrul is in eternal sleep beside Dhaka University mosque.


The northern most district of the country offers a number of attractions to the visitors. The Ramsagar (great sea) lake with rest houses is a good picnic spot having facilities for fishing and rowing in a serene and quite green countryside atmosphere. Kantaji Temple

Kantaji Temple

The most ornate among late medieval Hindu temples of Bangladesh is situated near Dinajpur town. It was built by Maharaja Pran Nath in 1752 A.D. Every inch of the temple surface is beautifully embellished with exquisite terracotta plaques, representing flora, fauna, geometric motifs, mythological scenes and an astonishing array of Contemporary social scenes and favorite pastime. The Maharaja's palace with relics of the past centuries and local museum are worth a visit.

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