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Greatech Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser for ETP / STP

Greatech Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser for ETP / STP
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Bubble Air Diffuser
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Greatech Coarse Bubble Air Diffuser for ETP / STP

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Coarse bubble air diffuser for aquaculture / ETP / STP.

Bubble Type: Coarse
Size: 06”
MOC: EPDM / silicone / PTFE - ABS / strengthened PP-GF
Connector: ¾” NPT male threat
Membrane Thickness: 02 mm
Bubble Size: 4-5 mm
Design Flow: 1-5 m3/Hr
Flow Range: 6-10 m3/Hr
SOTE: ≥10% (06 m Submerged)
SOTR: ≥0.21 Kg O2/h
SAE: ≥7.5 Kg O2/Kw.h
Headloss: 2000-3000 Pa
Service Area: 0.5-0.10 m2/Pcs
Service Life: Minimum 05 year

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