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Privacy Policy

1. T-Series Solutions will not share personally identifiable information of this site (https://www.bdtradeinfo.com) with other companies or individuals unless we have your express permission to share the information. 

2. We need to share your information with our partner companies in order to provide a product or service you have requested. Unless we tell you otherwise, these partners do not have the right to use your personal information we share with them beyond what is necessary to deliver your requested product or service.

3. T-Series Solutions will not sell or disclose your personally identifiable information to anyone.

4. T-Series Solutions operates secure data networks protected by password to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of your user data.

5. Only certain employees have access to the information you provide us. They have access only for customer care, software maintenance and membership analysis.

6. T-Series Solutions updates this policy from time to time so please review it periodically. Bear in mind that the only way to ensure your personal privacy whenever you are on the Internet is to make sure your browser is configured so that you are alerted to the placement of all cookies. 

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