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Rubber O-Ring

Rubber O-Ring
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Rubber O-Ring
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The O-Rings are so commonly used is down to the wide range of materials they can be made from. The majority of o rings are made from elastomers, which are a type of elastic polymer, but there are a huge variety of these elastomers available, each with different strengths, weaknesses and tolerances. The application that the o ring is destined for will determine which type of material is most suitable, for example:

  • High and low temperatures: Silicone and fluorosilicone can cope with temperatures as low as -100°C. Cryogenic operations will require a seal that can cope with low temperatures such as the NES Astra Seal®. For very high temperatures, FFKM works at up to 316°C
  • Chemical compatibility: Viton™, also known as FKM/FPM, o rings are resistant to many chemicals and work at high temperatures too
  • Hot water and steam: Ethylene propylene o rings (EPDM) are resistant to steam and hot water, as well as to alcohol, strong alkalis and fluids found in automotive applications
  • Grease and hydraulic fluids: Buna-N o rings, also known as nitrile o rings, are best to use where there is a lot of grease or hydraulic fluid around

As you can see, for pretty much any application you can think of, there will be an o ring which can handle that environment. This means they are useful in a huge range of applications, from appliances found around the home to gigantic machines used in manufacturing and even in the space shuttle!



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