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Walk-Through ThruScan sX-i Archway Metal Detector

Walk-Through ThruScan sX-i Archway Metal Detector
BDT 450000
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ThruScan sX-i
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Walk-Through ThruScan sX-i Archway Metal Detector
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Defense Security Services
Call : 0172-6289653, 0175-4828312


Metal density display by 10-level-VU meter, automatic frequency selection feature, 45 sensitivity level, 300 adjustable sensitivity step each, superior discrimination, pin point target location identification with graphical zone display on control unit human health friendly very low-frequency VLF technology, record statistic of operation duration, number of visitor and alarm, real time environmental magnetic noise level graphical display, 35 adjustable audio tones with 10 volume level, five digit incoming/outgoing and alarm counter, four-digit changeable digital pin code and mechanical lock, automatic failure display function on GLCD with continuous self-checking key parameter, 8 cm high plastic footer for sturdy placement, built for 7/24 continuous operation with 60 persons/min speed, 74 cm net passage width and 200 cm net passage height, interference free operation at middle level sensitivity of 10 cm for stagnate metals and 150 cm for moving, audio-visual alarm noticeable at range of 4 meter, micro-processor setting do not change electricity cut-off.


Metal DetectorType : Archway



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