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T-Series Solutions for professional domain, hosting, web and software development
T-Series Solutions

Website Development

T-Series Solutions is specialized in website design and development. We not only develop websites but also provide consultancy to establish an effective website.

Website Design

For static site development we use html, Xhtml, PHP, jQuery, flash amimation, gif animation, JavaScript etc. We use PHP language script and MySql database to develop database driven interactive dynamic pages. We also use XML, Java Script etc as and when required.

According to the present requirement, we also develop Auto Responsive and / or SmartPhone friendly websites. Please feel free to contact us for any further detail and price.

Home page Tk. 2,500/-
Link pages (static page) Tk. 750/- per static page
Dynamic pages / software As per working volume
* Standard size of each webpage is A4 size
* All the rates are excluded of VAT.
* Rates may be changed at anytime without notice

Website Maintenance

Dynamic Every website needs to keep up-to-date all the time. It's a continuous process. Companies can save money by having their own staff to do the changes on the website. But most of the cases, client's staff fail to manage it properly. We have seen this happen with a simple website that we designed for one of our clients. The staff of the clients company took over upgrading responsibility; but basic & navigation structure was found as scattered within 2 months. The saving was definitely lost in the appearance of the site.

If the same task is performed by our professional website designer & developers, they can do much better, as they do it every day with adequate expertise. If you make a contract with us and just email the information or pictures to us along with proper instruction, our professional team will do the rest.

Website Updating

The website that you build today and do not change a thing for the next few years will surely make a negative impression to your visitors or customers.

It's cause is simple: it's "old web" thinking in a "new web" world.

Site update The new web is all about content, but not just any content... fresh content. In the new web world, the websites that get the most traffic are those where the content is constantly changing, being added to, and improved. Users want and expect to see or learn something new each time they visit your website and they view those websites that do so as more valuable. Think about it, you actually give them a reason to return!

Website Upgrading / Re-design

Technology is upgrading day by day. Concepts and thoughts of people are also changing. If your website was developed many years ago then its presentation may not up to the mark right now. website redesign Screen width of your site and overall appearance seems very poor because of limitations of tools, technology, concept and designer's efficiency of that time. So, to cope up with the latest tools, technology, concept, idea, taste of visitors and updated web world you should now upgrade your website by designing it newly. Few years back nobody could think to browse a website from cell phone. But nowadays people browse websites using Tabs, Pads and even Cell Phones. So it is important to make your websites all latest devices friendly. At the same time it should also be browser friendly. Recently visitors prefer to visit responsive websites. Our experienced team of developers is ready to upgrade or redesign your website with latest technology and concept.

Dynamic Dynamic Website

  1. Easy & Fast maintenance of your online presence without any extra cost.
  2. Superior Performance, Greater reliability & Platform Independent Architecture.
  3. Easily customized to work with widely used database such as MY SQL.
  4. Fully compatible with various operating systems
    including Windows, Linux , Unix etc & web servers including-Apache & IIS


Content Management System (CMS)

CMS Solution One Web Platform, Numerous Opportunities!

  1. Our CMS Solutions are steeped in Content Management System Technology
  2. The secret to our continuous success is looking beyond the technology to bring a pragmatic view to CMS initiatives
  3. We give our valued clients flexibility to assist them in succeeding at every step.
  4. Take your web presence to the next level
  5. Our suite of CMS Solutions spans the breadth of client needs
  6. Digital Platform Development
  7. Content Production and Workflow Automation fully compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Linux , Unix etc & web servers including Apache & IIS

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