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Places of Tourist Attraction - Comilla

Comilla is linked with Dhaka by road, rail and river. 96 km from Dhaka by road. Comilla lies on the main highways leading to Chittagong and Sylhet. The Place is known for its exquisite pottery handloom products and a large number of dighis a local name for fish bearing tanks. The Academy for Rural Development here is known for its pioneering working Co-Operative movement.



About eight km. To the west of Comilla town, which is situated 114-km, south-east of Dhaka lies a range of low hills Known as Mainamati-Lalmai ridge, an extensive Center of Buddhist culture. On the slopes of these hills lie scattered a treasure of information about the early Buddhist civilization (8th -12th century). At Salban in the middle of the ridge, excavations laid bare a large Buddhist Vihara (monasterv) an central shrine which flourished valuable information about the rule of the Chandra and Deva dynasties which flourished here from the 8th to 12th century A.D. The whole range of hillocks run for about 18 km, and is studded with more than 50 sites. A site museum housed the archaeological finds which include terracotta plaques, bronze statues and casket, coins jewellery, utensils, pottery and votive stupas embossed with Buddhist inscription. Museum is open Sunday-Friday and closed on Saturday. Bangladesh academy for Rural Development (BARD) established nearby in 1959 is known for its pioneering role in co-operative movement.

Maynamati war cemetery

Bangladesh has two cemeteries of the world war II. One is at Chittagong, and another one is at Comilla. Both of these are monitored and governed by the Commonwealth Grave Commission. This cemetery is also known as Comilla war cemetery. From Comilla cantonment, you can take an auto rickshaw for your own to reach there.The Cemetery is open from morning 7:00am to 12:00pm, and from afternoon 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Chondi Mura Temple

Chondi mura temple is located at the top of a hillock and you have to climb there using the stairs. Being at the other side of the Comilla district it doesn't attract not much tourists. But this colorful temple is nice one and should be on someone's bucket list.

Most of the tourist spots (from Comilla) are somewhere around the other side of Shalbon Bihar of Comilla. But this Chondi mura temple is quite isolated from those places. This is at the southern end of the Lalmai Hill. That's why mostly the devoted people use to go there only.

It's tiresome to reach at the top. But don't worry, you'll have the whole stairs is covered with evergreen trees. And at any stages you can have a break by supporting your body on the railing of the stairs. You can see a long distance from there as you have already climbed a few.

First you have to come at the Lalmai Bazar. From the bazaar, its 10 Taka auto rickshaw fare for each person.

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath temple is probably the oldest Temple from Comilla district. It was built by the King of Tripura named 'Moharaja Rada Kishor Manikuo Bahadur' during the 16th century. This temple worships the god Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra.

Statue of those gods were initially placed at the temple of Tripura, but later those were shifted here. This temple is also known as Jagannath Mandir.

This Jagannath temple is located mainly at the Bibir Bazar of Jogonnathpur which is 5 kilometer east from the Comilla town. First come to the Chawk Bazar at Comilla town. From there you can take Battery driven auto vehicle which costs 10 Taka per person.

Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development

BARD stands for Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development. It's a lovely place to visit. Inside the BARD you'll find several places to pass your time. For example at cafeteria, at the tennis ground, or other play grounds. Also there are two places available inside BARD, one is Nilachal and another is Banasree. It will require a permission to enter the BARD.

Rupban Mura

Rupban Mura is another archeological site from our Comilla. This is just beside the BARD at Kotbari, Comilla. Most of the people visit the BARD but misss the opportunity to observe the beauty of Rupban Mura for lack of knowing.

If you look at the North from the top of the Rupban Mura then you'd find the other archeological site called Itakhula Mura which is at the other side of the road.