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Places of Tourist Attraction - Sundarban

Places of Tourist Attraction-Sundarban

Sundarban is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Located about 320 km. South-west of Dhaka and spread over an area of about 6000 sq. km. Of deltaic swamps along the coastal belt of Khulna, is the biggest mangrove forest. These dense mangrove forests are criss-crossed by a network of rivers and creeks. One finds here tides flowing in two directions in the same creek and often tigers swimming across a river or huge crocodiles basking in the sun. Other wildlife in this region are Cheetahs, spotted deer, monkeys, pythons, wild bear and hyeanas. The forest is accessible by river from Khulna and Mongla. There are rest-houses for the visitors to stay and enjoy the unspoiled nature with all its charm and majesty. Spending sometimes inside the forest can be rare treat for the lovers of nature. It has been declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Deers at Sundarban

Main tourist sports inside the Sundarbans include Hiron Point (Nilkamal), Katka and Tinkona island to view tigers, deer, monkeys, Crocodiles, birds and natural beauty. Aother major attraction inside the Sundarbans is Dublarchar (island) mainly a fisherman's village. Herds of spotted deer are often found to graze here. Water transport is the only means of communication for visiting the Sundarbans from Khulna or Mongla port. Private motor launch, speed boats, country boats as well as mechanized vessel of Mongla Port Authority might be hired for the purpose. From Dhaka visitors may travel by air, road or rocket steamer to Khulna - the gateway to the Sundarbans. Most pleasant journey from Dhaka to Khulna is by paddle or Steamer Rocket presenting a picturesque panorama of rural Bangladesh. Day and night-long coach services by road are also available. The quickest mode is by air from Dhaka to Jessore and then to Khulna by road. Journey time varies depending on tides against or in favor in the river. Usually it takes 6 to 10 hours journey by motor vessel from Mongla TO Hiron Point or Katka.

Permission from the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO). Khulna is required to visit the forest. Cholera vaccine is to be taken well in advance. Anti-malaria, anti-diarrhoeal, insect repellent cream, drinking water, green coconut, medical kit, light tropical dress, thick rubber soled boots etc. are to be carried with the tourist. It will be wise to take the help of an experienced guide to make the journey fruitful.